Érre Technology is a company working in the field of information technologies. We have developed our activity in Portugal and African countries, where we have been operating in a progressive and sustained manner. Our company holds a significantly interesting background and has grown in a well-structured and focused manner thanks to the ability to build trust in business relationships with our clients.

We have deserved the confidence of some of the biggest national and African companies, namely Lactogal, La Redoute and Banco Angolano de Investimentos.

We operate in many fields within the scope of the information technologies, either separately or through strategic partnerships that can bring added value and better operation solutions to the projects we engage on.

Our business card is definitely the work we already developed on those companies. We are not salespeople. We are consultants who create and design tailor-made solutions for our clients. Selling equipment is not the purpose, but the consequence, and that is why we work so closely with some of the biggest manufacturers worldwide and respective national distributors.


Information is currently a central key element of any company. Companies live, structure themselves and operate around an array of processes and contents with a priceless, quite often non-quantifiable, value of information.

Érre Technology is made up by staff specialised in specific areas in the field of information technologies. We call ourselves system architects and consultants who design specific and integrated solutions to apply on the information production, storage and transmission processes. Our work is always carried out very closely to our clients, always listening to their needs and specificities that, usually, do evolve at the same speed as their companies.


Ethics, professionalism, transparency, differentiation and pioneering spirit. These are the words that better define the values and principles that guide our market performance today, as well as the way we want to move forward.